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The multiple positions afforded by the P Type's handlebars are designed with the touring cyclist in mind. Although they are a little heavier than the M Type's handlebars, the lower grips, angled for comfort on longer stretches of road, allow the rider to get down out of the wind and deliver real power to the pedals; the upper grips provide a welcome contrast after a long stretch of riding and also give great control for manoeuvring in traffic.

The key P Type is the P6R (also available as P6R-X) - a rear rack gives additional luggage-carrying capacity and the six well-spaced gears will handle almost all gradients encountered on a long ride.

From €1123
The key models come properly kitted out, ready for the road, with mudguards and lighting fitted as standard. For those looking for weight savings, each of these key models can be built to a superlight specification (with the suffix "-X"), with front forks, rear frame, seat pillar and other smaller features made out of titanium.

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