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Irish owners club

Brompton owners club

Brompton Bike
Owners Club

What is this all about?

Over the years I have been part of the bicycle industry here in Ireland & "Normal" bikes where never my thing.
I founded Goeco the electric bike specialists & went on to lauch which is how I became a brompton owner.
I have come across many bikes that have something special about them but the Brompton takes first prize after all I have experienced & I wonder how I missed the signs for so long.

Here is my plan

Ireland in my experience follows behind Europe with things like bicycles & in perticular we follow behind the UK.

Being a Brompton owner & user is looked upon as being a bit, well maybe excentric in Ireland at the moment as far as I can see, so lets spread the word a little & get to know some fellow owners. I know we will be scattered all over the Country but what better way to meet than to jump on the train with our bikes.

If you have a Brompton, please fill out the simple form here & lets get the ball rolling with a list of owners & their bikes & I will work on a date & venue when we can meet for a coffee or a pint. Suggestions welcome.


Here we will post Irish themed Brompton photographs.
Please send them using the form above, it's quick & simple.

2012 Brompton Info booklet
Just send me an email to
& I'll send you the new info booklet

FREE AtoB Magazine

I am the only stockist of AtoB magazine in Ireland which is written by David Henshaw who worked for Brompton for many year & wrote the recent Brompton book.

If anyone would like a free copy of AtoB magazine send me a stamped address envelope & its yours (If you have a special issue in mind Im sure I'll have it) send to: Goeco, Eyon, Cappamore, Co Limerick.  061 381427

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